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Terraria - virtually a clone and the younger brother of the sole and unique Minecraft in 2D.
sandbox game genre style 2D platformer. The game has such qualities as: customizable characters, randomly generated worlds, time of day, the possibility of deformation landashfta and crafting system that allows the player to "live off the land": since the creation of objects essential for survival. crafting system gives players the freedom to obustroyke their environment from digging mines and ending with the construction of cities.

23.04.2018 12:20:32
продавца рекомендую !
25.03.2018 15:46:56
23.03.2018 16:23:04
Спасибо, все хорошо и очень быстро!
19.03.2018 21:33:18
15.03.2018 10:48:38
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